Sustainability at OPTIPLAN

A company can only develop sustainable if it is committed to preserving the environment and improving the quality of life in the long term.


Our sustainability strategy

As a future-oriented company, the future of next generations is particularly important to us. We aim to become active where we can provide a substantial added value for the environment and society through our social, economic and ecological actions.


Innovation as a sign of sustainable


For us, innovation also means the development of sustainable products. We work closely together with our customers, suppliers and business partners to introduce solutions onto the market, withstanding the requirements of tomorrow. The latest example is our POLYDET® r-PET product line, which stands for the new generation of sustainable FRP products. In cooperation with our customers and business partners, we were thus able to develop a GRP product employing a sustainable resin using up to 30 % PET recyclate made of post-consumer waste. As a result, we achieve similar properties compared to conventional GRP sheet products. In this way, dozens of PET bottles can be recycled per truck body produced and reintroduced into the economic cycle. In addition, we are researching i.e. alternative natural fibre reinforcements for our plastic sheet products.

Energy policy

Counteracting climate change

We are committed to systematically and continuously optimising our energy-related services. With the implementation of our energy management system, increasing energy efficiency became an integral part of all departments and developments. For example, 85% of the energy required for the administration building is already sourced from our afterburning system. The implementation of photovoltaic further reduces the use of external energy sources. These, we obtain exclusively from 100% green electricity. By converting our company vehicles to e-mobility, we are furthermore reducing our CO2 emissions for a better environment!

Resource efficiency

Sustainable handling of materials

A resource-saving handling of our materials is important to us not only for economic reasons, but also with regard to ecological sustainability. It is therefore important to us to reduce the amount of waste and residual products to a minimum. As a positive result our waste per square meter produced has successfully been reduced by well over 20% since 2018!

Sustainable value chain

Together for more environmental protection

We tackle goals together with our suppliers and business partners. For this reason, it is just as important for us to promote the commitment to more environmental protection across companies. That is why we also expect our suppliers and service providers to act responsible and environmentally conscious and develop sustainable product solutions in cooperation with our customers. This is the only way to reduce environmental impacts across the entire value chain.


For the well-being of our employees

As a medium-sized company, we not only take responsibility for the environment, but also in particular for our approximately 150 employees. Occupational safety and plant safety are therefore our top priority. Through our health management, such as sports and fitness offers, we also promote the maintaining of the health of our employees.

Our commitment to the environment

Sustainability in figures

With our consistent environment and energy management, we achieve a sustainable contribution to the environment and society. Convince yourself of the effectiveness of our measures.


of the energy requirements for the administration building, we generate from our afterburning system


of our energy consumption we feed by our own photovoltaic systems


green electricity we purchase from external energy providers


waste reduction per square meter produced since 2018