Antibacterial cover layers

Protection against pathogenic bacteria and germs is a top priority in many industries. Especially in the medical field, sterile cladding of rooms or vehicles is therefore required to prevent infection or spread of pathogens.


Antibacterial products from POLYDET®

Our POLYDET® Antibac meets these requirements and combines hygienic requirements with the advantages of fibre-reinforced plastics. This is a highly efficient gelcoat, which can be applied on every POLYDET® Performance product as a protective layer against bacteria and germs. In addition, the material has a high resistance to cleaning agents and humidity, which allows it to withstand permanent cleaning. Due to the simple installation, the product is not only ideal for new buildings. Even existing face sheets for walls and roofs can be easily refurbished with our sterile FRP / GRP products.


Functioning of POLYDET® Antibac

The antibacterial effect is achieved by special silver particles - silver ions (Ag+), which break down and destroy the bacteria´s cell membrane. The metabolism of the bacteria is interrupted and DNA replication or bacterial spread is immediately prevented. As a result, over 99.99% of bacteria and germs can be destroyed.


Antibacterial protection meets the benefits of FRP / GRP

  • perfect protection against bacteria and germs through neutralisation of more than 99.99% of the pathogens
  • high resistance against detergents and humidity
  • suitable for new and existing buildings due to simple installation
  • can be combined with all POLYDET® Performance products


POLYDET® Antibac
up to 3,300 mm
RAL, NSC, customer-specific shades
Staphylococcus Aureus Escherichia coli
1.0 – 3.0 mm
80, 120 or 240 m
measuring the antibacterial activities on plastic surfaces
germ reduction > 99.99%

POLYDET Antibac – Your product for hygienic and antibacterial applications

Commercial vehicles

Thanks to its insulating and antibacterial properties, POLYDET® Antibac is a perfect solution for interior linings of refrigerated vehicles.

Wall surfaces in hospitals

The antibacterial effect converts POLYDET® Antibac into the perfect material for wall coverings, e.g. in operating rooms.

Sea containers to Epidemic regions

POLYDET® Antibac prevents the spread of germs and bacteria during the transport.

Animal husbandry

POLYDET® Antibac withstands the high hygienic requirements in animal breeding stations.


Due to its antibacterial effect, POLYDET® Antibac can also be used for the interior lining of ambulances.


We have not yet been able to answer all your questions or you are unsure whether the product is also suitable for your requirements and applications? We would be pleased to find a tailor-made solution according to your needs!