Tailor-made solutions

You are looking for an individual solution, precisely tailored to your requirements? We know the specific needs of the various markets and industries and provide advisory support with our know-how and experience. At the beginning of each development, we deal with your challenges and thus develop the perfect solution – irrespective of the industry and customer-oriented.

Versatile applications

This distinguishes our products from others

High insulation property

In contrast to other materials, our products impress with their high heat and cold insulation. Their use is suitable wherever superior insulation and energy savings are of great importance.

Food safety

With our development of hygienic and antibacterial composites, our GRP products can also be used in the food sector providing safer transportation, storage and handling of food-products!

Corrosion resistance

Our gelcoat layer protects the plastics from weathering and indoor humidity to prevent yellowing and erosion. As a result, our products are particularly corrosion-resistant!

Outstanding robustness

With the usage of different fibreglass reinforcements, we achieve a high tensile and puncture resistance. Thus, our products fulfil even the highest demands on mechanical properties!

Easy to repair

FRP / GRP is durable and robust. Nevertheless, in case of aesthetical defects or major damages, they can be easily repaired.


Our antibacterial gelcoat Antibac provides excellent protection against bacteria and germs. Thus, 99.99% of the bacteria can be neutralised efficiently!

Fire protection

FRP sheets for wall and ceiling combines highest level of hygiene properties with structural fire protection.

Hail resistance

Our products are especially characterised by their high strength and resistance. Thus, our products withstand even punctual impact effects such as hail!

Odour neutrality

With the usage of solvent-free resin systems, our products are largely neutral in odour.

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