Sustainable product range

Sustainable action and engagement are becoming increasingly important both in society and in the economy and thus constantly drives the development process in companies. We too see innovations as a sign of sustainable responsibility in order to contribute added value for society and the environment with our products.

Sustainable product development

Innovation of sustainable products as a sign to accept responsibility

The POLYDET® r-PET product line stands for the new generation of sustainable FRP / GRP products. In cooperation with our customers and business partners, we were thus able to develop a product employing a sustainable resin using recycled PET bottles to a certain percentage. As a result, we achieve similar properties compared to conventional resins. This means that dozens of PET bottles can be recycled and returned to the economic cycle for each distributing truck body produced. In addition, our resin can be combined with our HighGloss and PowerStar products, allowing the area of application of our sustainable product line to be adapted to your individual needs.


Reaching your goal with lightness and sustainability!

Our product line combines commitment to sustainability with the advantages of our GRP / FRP products.

  • PET bottles are sustainably reintroduced into the economic cycle
  • mechanical properties comparable to our regular products
  • individually adaptable to your requirements

We have not yet been able to answer all your questions or you are unsure whether the product is also suitable for your requirements and applications? We would be pleased to find a tailor-made solution according to your needs!