Commercial vehicles

Whether as an opaque or translucent roof application, side wall, flooring, front part, rear part or door – fibre-reinforced plastic sheets (FRP) are, due to their low weight and high mechanical properties, a superior solution compared to traditional materials used in bodies for commercial vehicles.


Low, specific weight

With our innovative lightweight solutions, we offer weight savings up to 30% and high flexural and tensile strength at the same time. Your advantages: among other things, reduced CO2 emissions, higher payload and a larger range for electric vehicles!

Highest robustness

Through the usage of various fibre glass reinforcements, we achieve a high tensile strength and penetration resistance. Thus, our products fulfil even the highest demands on mechanical properties!

High corrosion resistance

Our gelcoat layer protects the composite from weathering impact or humidity to prevent yellowing and erosion. As a result, our products are particularly corrosion-resistant!


Perfect face sheet for:

  • Bodies for box vehicles (box bodies), refrigerated vehicles and dry freight vehicles
  • Bodies for sales vehicles and trailers
  • Electric vehicle and last-mile vehicles
  • Roof applications for buses and trucks

We have not yet been able to answer all your questions or you are unsure whether the product is also suitable for your requirements and applications? We would be pleased to find a tailor-made solution according to your needs!